It was easy years ago when buying your first guitar as there where just a few options available but now there are many different types of guitar on the market including accoustic,electric, acoustic electric, steel guitars as well as nylon stringed guitars so how to make a selection. Here are a few tips on buying guitars for beginners.

Buying Your First GuitarBuying a Beginners Guitar – How much to pay

Well fortunately there are some affordable choices that should suit most budgets but cheapest is obviously not necessarily the best, like anything you quality comes at a price so the more you can afford normally the better the guitar. The instrument you pick (pun intended) needs to be one that you’ll get continual pleasure from and be motivated to improve your technique.

What sort of music do you enjoy will influence the type of beginners guitar you choose

So if you enjoy listening to rock music and think you would like to try to learn how to play rock guitar music then an electric guitar is going to be the basic choice for you. If your preference is for jazzy, blues type of sounds then a semi acoustic guitar could be the better option and for more classical or smooth jazz sounds a nylon stringed acoustic guitar would be the go.

For whom will the guitar be bought for

Comfort is a key component when starting out on learning the guitar so if you’re an enthusiastic parent looking to get your offspring on the guitar playing road then there are smaller options such as a three quarter or half sized guitar available. Full sized guitars may put off the child’s enthusiasm for learning because it may be just too unwieldy. Children are best suited to electric guitars when it comes to playing comfort as their necks are thinner (the guitar not the child) and the strings are lighter. Maybe a second hand electric guitar to start with is being the answer if you think your child may lose motivation.

Guitar composition and tone

There isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to the type of wood make-up of the guitar but generally the darker the wood the richer and more sonorous the tone of the sound. Guitars made of mahogany hits a more smooth tone. Try out different woods and listen to the variations of the sound before making up your mind.

Guitar components and features

Don’t just go on appearance as a flying V guitar is totally impractical for a beginner or anyone else except for performances. There are certain features that are a must such as solid machine heads or tuning gears which will mean your guitar will not only stay in tune longer but will also allow you to tune it more easily.

Choose a solid top as well as the two solid pieces matched and glued together are a far better option than multi-layered ones where various sections are stuck together atop each other.The guitar tone will be more accurate and even and consistent through the body.

If the guitar feels good then you’re half way there

Get a feel for a number of different guitars even if they are unsuitable in other ways, try them out and see which ones feel right with emphasis on the areas where your hands and arms rest. For instance are the strings a long way from the fret board for comfort. Try standing as well as sitting with each one.

When choosing a guitar it’s all about sound quality at the end of the day

If during your selection process you come across one guitar whose sound is just that much better than the others then you’ve probably found the one for you although you might have a shock when you look at the price tag. Each guitar’s sound is different and what you’ll be paying for is the craftsmanship in production.

Buying a guitar for beginners has been made even easier with the option to shop online but take care in the terms of returns and refunding as you’ll always be taking a bit of a chance without being able to fully feel and hear the sound.